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The Fool 0 or 22 Planet: Uranus Element: Air



•Unbiased •Innocent •Playful •Unrestricted •Unlimited •Unstructured •Initiation •New Beginning •Surprising •Sudden •Unexpected •Intuition •Electric •Impulsive •Breaking Point •Freedom •Bravery •Faith 



•#0 symbolizes for eternity and potential.

•#22 symbolizes the bridge between the human and the divine, Balance, & Feminine Energy.

•Yellow symbolizes life force, will, & creation. Also is the color for the element Air.

•Red symbolizes passion.

•Green symbolizes nature and energy.

•Orange symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity & determination.

•White Dog symbolizes authentic loyalty, protection, & instinct.

•White Rose symbolizes purity and innocence.

•Bag symbolizes 

•Right Hand symbolizes the conscious mind.

•Sun symbolizes the element of Fire. 



The Fool is all about following your heart with blind faith. The kind of blind faith and open mind that isn't carrying around all the memories and the meanings we attach to the experiences we have gone through in life. Because otherwise this mindset can fog our perspective and possibly even change the way we go about life in general.


Like a child in a way, just really experiencing life in an innocent new beginning. Unbiased towards the new steps ahead and unclouded perspective!


As an adult, this can be more difficult when unaware! We have to try harder sometimes to be in The Fool energy. This can be due to our conditioning and maybe even some of the shadow work we still have yet to integrate. Letting go of the outcome is a big part of the fool and the energy he embodies. The Fool Represents having no ego or conditioning.


Crystal & Gemstone Associations:


•Lapis Lazuli 

•Pyrite-"Fools Gold"


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